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The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology

The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology

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In Sales Situations

In The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology, Brad McDonald identifies the psychological motivators that cause buyers and sellers to do what they do and take control over the sales process.

For salespeople

If you have ever struggled to understand the mindset of your prospect; if you have ever wondered why honest, moral, ethical people choose to lie to a salesperson; if you have ever wished for more control over sales interactions that seem to ride a fine line between trust and confusion; if you have ever struggled to understand and deal effectively with your own mindset and your own frustrations when selling—Brad McDonald wrote this book for you. It provides critical insights on human behavior that will help you to understand and control your sales calls.

For sales managers

If you are a sales manager or a coach, Brad’s book will challenge you. It will ask you to consider the possibility that the best way to help a struggling salesperson may be to help them to create a better understanding of the fears, anxieties, and confusion that often arise about the sales process—both the seller’s and the buyer’s. Understanding this is more essential than drilling your team in the right tactics. Of course, the tactics are important. They’re the answer to the question, “What do I do?” But understanding the “why” behind the tactics might just be the best place to start.

“An indispensable guide to the psychology behind successful sales and effective sales management. Required reading for any and every sales leader."

J. Scott Spiker, Chairman/CEO
First Command Financial Services, Inc. 

Brad McDonald

[AUTHOR] Brad McDonald

Brad McDonald plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization, and is recognized internationally as a business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. A dynamic, enthusiastic speaker certified in the proprietary selling system developed by David H. Sandler, he informs, entertains, and motivates leadership and rank-and-file sales teams to achieve at their full potential.


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